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About Plays of Wilton, Inc.

Theater is essential. Art is essential. Storytelling is essential. Plays Of Wilton Inc. at The Foundry, a non-profit under the direction of Ronnie Larsen, is an LGBT arts production organization focused on theater and storytelling in multiple mediums. We learned through the pandemic that the work we do at Plays Of Wilton is essential. When Covid hit we pivoted quickly and nimbly by removing seats, installing touchless faucets and paper towel dispensers, installed hand sanitizers, and required masks and temperature taking at every show. People showed up with their masks on and we performed; sometimes for just two people, but we performed. We took losses, but we survived and we understood in a way we never had before that theater is about being in the same room and for theater to survive we have to be in the same room.

During the lockdown, there was talk of shutting down and looking for new space after the pandemic ends, but  our location, in the heart of Wilton Manors, next to Island City Stage is the perfect home for POW! Being neighbors benefits us both in countless ways. Wilton Manors is the only place in America, maybe even the world, with two full-time LGBT theaters next door to each other.

Our goal at POW! is to create work that is relevant and timely. We don't announce a season of plays a year in advance, because the world is constantly changing and we want to be able to address those changes in the moment and change direction to reflect what is happening in the world. 

Serving a diverse and marginalized community is our main focus. It is everything we do. Openly LGBT people don’t exist in Shakespeare, Moliere, Chekhov, Ibsen, Sam Shepard. Writing a play or making a movie where an LGBT character is front and center is still a revolutionary act. Things have gotten better but we are still marginalized. Every time an LGBT playwright writes a play, they are pushing us into the future.


The work we do is important. It is unique. It is timely. It is relevant. It is complicated. It is underfunded. It is expensive and it needs to be supported. 

We hope you will support us and join us online or at The Foundry.


Ronnie Larsen

Artistic Director

Plays Of Wilton Inc.

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